verb de·sign \di-ˈzīn\ :  to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan

At Wood Rehab we pride ourselves on creative designs.  From conceptualization to execution we work directly with our customers to make sure the final product matches what they had envisioned.  Our award winning design team is here to create something unique for your home or business.  No inspiration is too small, we can take the smallest idea and turn it into something beautiful.

Repurpose Materials

Reclaimed Wood

Barns are a staple of iconic American History. They have been protecting American's livelihood and hobbies from the weather for decades. Ranging over 200 years old these walls are filled with stories of the American dream. Take your piece of history and add to its story for another 200 years! Barn wood is perfect for any project you have in mind. Create unique head boards, shelving, built-ins, barn doors, sliding doors, cabinets, stairs, flooring or even a wall for the interior of your home or office. Outside, barn wood can be used for siding, planter boxes, pergola's, decks, fencing, and even sheds or barns.

Every Material has a story

What does your project say?